Movie Review: Where the Wild Things Are

The review below was originally written 4/2011.
Slight disclaimer. I had no idea what this movie was about before I started watching it. I knew it was based on a children's book and contained a fantastical storyline but I never read nor grew up with the book therefore I have no nostalgic pining for its story.

What was that? Granted, I never read the book nor knew of its plot but this movie left me thoroughly confused. That could be a good thing for a movie to do sometimes especially if you are left to ponder on it for days only to discover its subtle meaning and redeeming quality, but alas, this was not the case with Where The Wild Things Are.

The acting was good and the costumes, setting and effects were well done. You can tell that this was a movie the director (Spike Jonz) cared very much about by the detail that is employed onto it. Plus Catherine Keener is always a pleasure to watch deliver believability with her understated acting. However the only thing I walked away from with this movie was praying I never have to confront another precocious child again lest I take out my wild beast frustrations on him. Those monsters should have eaten that kid from the get-go.

The Queen of Versailles

This is a must-see documentary by Lauren Greenfield, a documentary photography who tends to focus on girl culture. Here she documents the real life accounts of the Siegels and their attempt at building the largest single family home in America.
I originally wrote this review on November 2013.

All that glitters is not gold. 

You can now add the addendum to the age old adage, "Money can't buy happiness" to also include "it can't buy taste...nor self-respect....nor even a clue". The fact that someone would model a home after Versailles should have been foreshadowing enough. Yes, the real Versailles is a beautiful architectural masterpiece but its opulence eventually led to the demise of the French monarchy and quite ironically is almost lead to this family's as well. This documentary should be a must watch for people struggling with money, you will simultaneously be infuriated by and feel pity for these people. Anger because they don't realize what they have nor need (they have lots of crap, they need substance) and pity because despite all the money and wealth they probably live a poorer life than yourself. The fact that you would step on dog shit inside your million-dollar mansion's bedroom because you have no clue what to do with a dog is mind-boggling. Didn't anyone think of hiring a dog-trainer to train the dogs? Or perhaps they just rely on their indentured servants to tell them what to do. If it wasn't for the help, these people would be eating the crap on the floor. You can take the people out of the trailer part, but not the trailer park out of the people.