La Lupe....
aka............La Yiyiyi!

A CRAZY-GOOD Afro-Cuban singer who was somewhat controversial for Cuban television because of her unmistakeable style and I would suspect she would have raised eyebrows everywhere else as well, specially during the late 1950's when this performance was transmitted). The trajectory of her career was cut short because of the Revolution although she enjoyed moderate success in exile. Anyone who knows her work would agree....definitely a LEGEND!

Ahi na' ma!


The Infinite Space of the Possible

The Artist Studios Building (ASB) at the Boston Center for the Arts houses over forty artists working in a broad range of media and subject matter. Commonly shared is the value of workspace and a creative community within which to stimulate and exchange ideas.

The Infinite Space of the Possible, curated by Lynne Cooney, features seven artists with studios in the ASB. In this exhibition, through collaborative dialogue, the participating artists push the boundaries of their artmaking – either by materializing a previously unrealized project, forging current work into new territory or considering their work in an expanded context.

The Infinite Space of the Possible features work by Leika Akiyama, Jon Amburg, Aileen O. Erickson, Rebecca Rose Greene, Kathleen A. Kneeland, Lazaro Montano and Victor Ortale.

As an added bonus, a detail of my work was used for the invitations and PR for the show.


65 Degrees of Encaustic Art

I was lucky enough to be included in this exhibit on encaustic art. The title 65degrees refers to the temperature in which wax melts in Celsius degrees thereby allowing for encaustic work to be done. The curator for the show is my good friend Leika Akiyama, who trusted me enough to include me in the show despite me not having done much of encaustic work before. I was quite enjoyable to do, as it is when you are learning a new medium.